“Technical losses due to deterioration of electrical networks reach 170%”

The union expressed its concern about the current panorama of deterioration in electrical networks to cope with demand in the EU The Caribbean regionarguing that the users are most affected by these losses.

The union warned that the increase in tariffs, for both temporary and structural reasons, has led to exaggerated increases in energy prices of between 25% and 49%, the above, because of how the tariff was set. electrical energy based on the Producer Price Index (IPP) and not in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

“If we see it from the distribution networks, if the minimum technical condition is maintained, i.e. people consume more energy, but they have the same transformer and the same cable, there is definitely a risk of technical failure. We have equipment in our system from 40 years ago that could fail at any time,” he said. Carlos CardenasPresident of Acem Atlantic chapter.

Source: El heraldo