“Half of the savings from private funds went as investments to other countries”

In the context of the eighth business congress of Andi 2023, held in Cartagena from August 16 to 18, the director of the fair, Juan Pablo Córdoba, referred to the pension reform project that is progressing in Congress.

Córdoba pointed out that Colombians save little, adding that the money citizens save for old age flows back into the economy in the form of investments. The expert on equity and capital issues pointed out that the savings in Colpensiones go to public consumption and to pay current expenses.

According to the president of the exchange, the government’s pension reform project, if approved, would have serious consequences for the Colombian economy.

“The first is that the pension component saved in the economy today would decrease significantly: between 12 and 16 billion pesos. That is not good news for the country,” he said.

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Source: El heraldo