Giorgetti freezes everyone: “Complex manoeuvre, you can’t do everything”

Few resources and much to be done: so choices will have to be made. It is a “mantra” that politicians often repeat. This time it was Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti who repeated it. It is predicted from the Rimini Meeting that it will fall when the Meloni government has to step in the economic manoeuvre, and the owner of the MEF is already making things clear: “The next one will be a complex budget law. All the budget laws are complex, as it was last year. We are asked to decide on priorities and do everything we can.” will not be possible”.

Priority then. But which ones? Each party has its “points” and will not want to give up and thus disappoint the voters. First of all, an example is the increase in minimum pensions, which is valuable for Forza Italia. Then there are the commitments at the European level. “Of course – explains Giorgetti – we will have to intervene in favor of middle-low incomes, as we did with the tax cut, because inflation greatly reduces purchasing power, but we will also have to use available resources to stimulate growth and reward employees”.

How are Pnrr funds used?

Section Pnr. “We have these resources – says Giorgetti – again, others are only partially free while paying their interest, so they cannot therefore be wasted. Therefore, they must be used in the best possible way. I take full responsibility for what I say: here only punctual obedience, there is not rush, but also doing good – continued – If rushing means doing bad, it is better to evaluate situations carefully, because this is a unique opportunity to advance growth, development and also the transformation of many companies in our country. It’s not free – Giorgetti continues – we always have to think about sustainability when we create debt or deficits”.

Rebus pensions

Then there is the issue of pension reform. The need is to overcome Fornero’s law. Recently, Undersecretary of Labor Claudio Durigon stated that the government wants to confirm the 103 quotas for 2024 and expand the Ape Sociale categories together. But Giorgetti is clear: “The theme of falling birthrate that I brought up a few months ago and thought to reiterate is fundamental: there are no pension reforms or measures that will apply in the medium to long term. Term by the birthrate figures we see in this country today”.

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Source: Today IT