Foreigners among the working people. These counties have the highest percentage of them

Foreigners work in every Polish poviat. On average, they account for 6.5 percent. staff. There are more in every fifth poviat, according to calculations by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

At the end of last year, more than a million foreigners, including self-employed people and entrepreneurs, were working in Poland. In every 15th poviat (out of 26), they accounted for more than 10 percent. in service, and at six it was at least every seventh person. A higher percentage of foreigners can usually be found in large cities, their surroundings and border areas.

– The number of foreign employees depends on the industries and sectors. There are more such people in industrialized regions, emphasized Andrzej Kubisiak, deputy director of the Polish Economic Institute. Foreigners are also more likely to come to regions where they have friends or compatriots.

Border poviats

The largest percentage of foreign workers is in the Sejny poviat. Every fourth person working in the poviat is a foreigner. More than 90 percent of them are truck drivers. Most do not live in the province. They are employed by Lithuanian transport companies that are active in our country.

In 2022, in the province of Podlaskie Voivodeship, poviat employment offices registered 36.1 thousand. employers’ statements about entrusting work to foreigners, mainly citizens of Belarus (almost 60%) and Ukraine (27.5%). This year there are already 13.9 thousand. employer statements. Foreigners were most often employed by transport, warehouse and industrial companies.

An increased percentage of foreigners can also be found in the western border poviats. However, no employees are recruited from the country closest to the province. Foreigners, mainly Ukrainians, work in the service sector. Starost of Słubice, Leszek Bajon, noted that Polish residents of the county prefer to work in Germany.

– The minimum wage there is 1,800 euros, so everyone who can try to get a job in Germany. As a result, many companies cannot find staff.

Major cities and surroundings

A large percentage of employees are foreigners, even in large cities. In Wroclaw it is 15 percent. Many companies have their factories and logistics centers in the province and municipalities around the city. They employ foreigners, often unskilled workers. An increase in the number of working foreigners can also be seen in the vicinity of large cities.

– This is the case in Pruszków and in the western district of Warsaw or in Stryków near Łódź – noted Andrzej Kubisiak in a commentary for “Rzeczpospolita”.

Source: Do Rzeczy