Polish power plants save Ukraine from blackout

On Monday, another record of Ukrainian energy demand was broken in August. Poland, which supports this, sometimes also buys energy in emergencies – especially from Germany.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, supported by Belarus, affected the energy sector in Kiev, which had to give up energy from these two countries. The quickly rebuilt power line running from the Rzeszów station to the Chmielnicki nuclear power plant today makes it possible to import energy from Poland. Ukraine also has connections with its other neighboring countries – Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

Emergency energy assistance from Europe

The grid operator Ukrenergo reported that Ukraine’s energy system is rebuilding itself after six months of massive Russian shelling and winter stress. Emergency aid from other countries was needed to meet the increased demand. On Monday, another record in energy demand was broken in August, breaking the previous record by 1.3 percent. August 16 level. This month it was given to Ukraine by Poland and Romania. As a result, there were no power outages.

“To meet the high demand, we had to accept a record amount of emergency aid from Europe. However, this is not a commercial import that can be arranged in advance at a favorable price,” emphasizes Ukrenergo. As the name suggests, emergency assistance is provided on an ad hoc basis when the system lacks the energy to operate safely. This translates into a higher price for the energy purchased in this way.

The rescue trade mainly takes place in the evenings. Poland will then have a reduced capacity, because the photovoltaic energy will no longer work. There are evenings when our country has to buy energy abroad in an emergency, especially in Germany.

Ukrainian energy sector after a year of war

— Ukraine is now preparing for winter. The starting situation is worse than a year ago. Since October 2022, when Russia began systematically destroying Ukraine’s energy system, it has not been possible to restore it to its original state, Maciej Zaniewicz, an analyst at Forum Energii, told Business Insider. The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant has come under Russian occupation and losses are estimated at more than $10 billion.

The Ukrainian situation has improved as Kiev has used the past year to increase coal and gas supplies. Generators were also imported from abroad. This is “the last line of defense when there is a blackout” – Zaniewicz stressed.

Source: Do Rzeczy