Parliamentary elections. PiS presents the program

Law and Justice presented the first point of the new election program on Monday. It’s about ‘Friendly Neighbourhood’.

Law and Justice has completed work on a new election manifesto, party chairman Jarosław Kaczyński announced on Sunday. Individual program items will be announced gradually, the first of which we got to know on Monday.

“We are starting a program offensive, i.e. presenting new facts for the next term. The first concrete fact of PiS: the large ‘Friendly Estate’ program – modernization and revitalization of residential areas and blocks of the so-called prefabricated concrete blocks,” – we read in the post on the official PiS profile on the X social network.

“PiS concrete”

– More than 8 million Poles live in prefabricated housing estates. All of Poland should be kind to people. We don’t want better and worse neighborhoods. We want the residents of these estates to have the best possible standard of living and housing. We didn’t want a division into Poland A and Poland B. And we did a lot here. Now we want the highest possible standard of living for people living in prefab residential areas. Our program must mean a breakthrough for the residents of these estates, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in the recording.

As announced by the head of government, these are: revitalization of residential areas, new thermal insulation of blocks, modern elevators and new parks and rest areas for families. “End of Nonsense!” (…) Only the government of Law and Justice will carry out such an ambitious project! said the politician.

The Minister of Education and Science also referred to the issue. “Millions of Poles live in thousands of apartment buildings in large and small cities. They are all entitled to beautiful and modern infrastructure for residential areas, well-insulated apartments, but above all to modern elevators that will greatly facilitate their daily functioning. All this will soon become a fact. All we need is the victory of Law and Justice in the upcoming elections, said Przemysław Czarnek.

Source: Do Rzeczy