Nurses flee south

“Nurses voluntarily fleeing hospitals in the North is alarming. Dozens and dozens of professionals decide to leave regions like Emilia-Romagna, Liguria and Friuli to return to the South, where the cost of living is decidedly lower”: this is done by the nurses union Nursing Up condemned in a statement. “The numbers specifically say that the Bologna Local Health Authority has suddenly received 18 voluntary resignations by nurses in the last few days alone, especially unannounced nurses (40 resignations in the last 3 months) – union claims – Absolutely alarming “Last year, 270 nurses left the Bolognese healthcare company, compared to 180 in 2021. Some of them are planned retirements, and we are facing voluntary resignations of over 50 percent,” he said.

“It is the health departments themselves that are emphasizing the reality of the facts. In recent years, even before Covid, many nurses have been recruited, especially in Emilia, as various Regions are planning to return, especially from the South. However, National President for Nursing Antonio De Palma said that living in Bologna He warns that the cost is too high and that many professionals choose to move closer or go back to where they came from because they can’t get by on rent and bills to pay.There’s no denying that there’s absolutely no capillary recruitment plan in the face of exits, and regional competitions’ postings are almost deserted: a tail-chasing like a dog, the reason is always the same. these professionals are considered to be absolutely incompetent”.

Says the National Chair for Nursing: “It really has to be said that, once again, to validate our myriad complaints, there is the comfort of huge data; we are in the midst of a real exodus of healthcare workers, literally fleeing the NHS – says the National Chair for Nursing – Specifically, The emergency rooms and neuralgia departments of hospitals in the North are emptying, referring to Emilia Romagna and Liguria, who are now experiencing the dramatic reality of a real nurse’s escape”.

According to the union’s national president, “The main reason for this dramatic flight is the sad state of our nurses’ salaries. If we add to this the difficulties our union has always condemned, such as the disorder, grueling shifts, and often even shifts, being forced to save time after leave due to lack of colleagues is an indispensable psychopathology. -not being able to exercise the legitimate right to periodic rest necessary for physical recovery, it is well understood how some of these professionals decide – he concludes – even preferring to quit the profession or to have a VAT number opened as self-employed. It represents the culmination of a winding road that leads through”.

Source: Today IT