Election promises for billions. The record holder from the left

The analysis of the election promises made so far shows that the promises of the KO would cost the least, and the proposals of the left would cost the most.

FOR experts followed all the main election promises of political parties. It was calculated which formation promises the most and which promises the least.

The left and the Confederacy promise the most

The left is clearly ahead. The implementation of the program would cost PLN 227.4 billion. “The lion’s share (PLN 112.2 billion) would be spent on healthcare (the left wants to increase it to 8 percent of GDP)” – indicates the money.pl portal. Interestingly enough, the second most generous party is the self-proclaimed “free market” Confederacy. Here, the cost of pledges was estimated at PLN 189.5 billion. “He proposes changes of up to PLN 189 billion. Of this, more than PLN 60 billion will be spent on a linear PLN of 12%, and an increase of the tax-free amount to 12 times the minimum wage of about PLN 33 billion. ” we are reading.

The third is the Third Way, ie PSL and Poland 2050 – PLN 125.6 billion. Money.pl notes that “most important” is the increase in spending on education and health care to 6 percent of GDP. Both promises cost PLN 76.7 billion.

PiS pledges amount to PLN 155.6 billion. Together with the subsidies from KPO, which are included in next year’s budget, the program of the right wing amounts to PLN 151.6 billion, and without these subsidies, PLN 115.6 billion. This includes the housing modernization program announced Monday with a large chunk of the grants. PLN 5 billion.

The “cheapest” to date are KO announcements. This is 80.9 billion PLN.

“Good meal” in hospitals. A new item on the PiS agenda

On Tuesday morning, Health Minister Katarzyna Sójka presented another point of the PiS electoral program, which is based on improving the quality of nutrition for patients in Polish hospitals. – Health is the most important thing, which is why we have significantly increased funding for health care. We have introduced digital prescriptions, we are improving the accessibility of care. But health also means good nutrition during treatment, says Health Minister Katarzyna Sójka in a recording published on X (formerly Twitter).

– The daily life of hospitals is no stranger to me, especially those in the district. Patients are often not satisfied with the quality of the meals served there. We must change that, the head of the ministry emphasizes.

Source: Do Rzeczy