The left calls for ‘free electricity’ for Poland

The left calls for ‘free electricity’ for Poland. Magdalena Biejat believes this is possible and mentions that it is a postulate that cannot be implemented right away.

The demands of the left on energy policy were discussed on Tuesday by MP Magdalena Biejat, one of the leaders of the Samen en Nieuw Links party, on Polsat News.

“Free” electricity

– The electricity issue is one that we will implement by lowering energy prices in general. Let’s not forget that the first step towards making this energy free is to lower prices, the MP said.

Bieyat recalled that the group favors investments in nuclear power and renewables. – Investments in nuclear energy, acceleration of investments in renewable energy sources, for example wind and solar energy. This is the first step to this; next is obviously the modernization and sealing of the transmission network – she stressed.

The politician said the process of providing Poland with ‘free’ electricity would be time consuming. – Most demands cannot be fulfilled in one day, week or month, but we have demands for the first hundred days, for the first year and for the entire term of office. The free energy postulate is a term-wide postulate, she clarified.

Biyat did not give a specific date for the possible introduction of ‘free’ electricity, but claimed that it could. – Our starting point is combating energy poverty. Free electricity for people is part of this program in which we speak. “Energy transformation, moving away from coal – yes, but not at the expense of people” – she said.

Biyat: State housing for all

On Saturday, the left presented its election slogan, recalled some of its program postulates and recalled its values. One of the speeches was from Biyat.

Bieyat spoke mainly about the housing program proposed by the left. The property would be provided by the state, i.e. the taxpayer. – The state should finally start building housing. There is currently a shortage of 1.5 million apartments in Poland. Those that are built are getting worse and more expensive, Bieyat noted.

The MP said the development market was not working well and the state should “take on a major project to build rent regulated housing for all who need it”. “We are able to do it. We want to start building apartments already in the first term of government and we want to build 300,000 of them. In a very simple way. The state allocates money for this, local governments build apartments, says Biejat.

– Together we build residential areas with greenery, spacious playgrounds and access to public transport. Residential areas with spacious apartments with access to sunlight, apartments built by the best architects to the highest standards – said Biyat.

Biyat promised that no one would “kick you out of this apartment” regardless of your merits. – However long you need this apartment, this apartment will be yours, it will be yours – she presented the vision of the politicians of the Samen party. The politician said such programs are active in Berlin, Stockholm and Vienna.

– We want to spend 1 percent on the GDP housing program, Zandberg said. The deputy pointed out that we are talking about an amount of PLN 20 billion, which is less than the taxpayers are currently spending on financing the social program of more than 800 euros.

Source: Do Rzeczy