Pensions, the government is moving towards the confirmation of quota 103. Furious unions

In the pensions dossier, the government seems determined to confirm the measures already introduced, starting with Quota 103, that is, access to a pension with at least 62 years of age and 41 years of contributions. But the unions are not there. “Enough of mockery”, shoots CGIL leader Maurizio Landini, accusing the executive of practicing “false tables”. During the technical confrontation on Tuesday, the penultimate of the schedule defined in July on via Flávia, between CGIL, CISL, UIL and Ugl with the Observatory of social security expenses on women’s access to retirement and strenuous work, the parties reiterated their requests , emphasizing the need to reach a political confrontation. The next meeting will be on the 18th of September on supplementary pensions and on the 20th, as we have learned, Minister Calderone will be given the summary of a discussion that has been going on since July.

“So far, the objective is to reconfirm quota 103 and quota 41 at 62 years old and see how it can be expanded”, explained the undersecretary of Labor, Claudio Durigon. With regard to the Women’s Option «we are trying to understand how to give refreshments to women. This government – he underlined – has not managed the Women’s Option as in the previous way, this because we believe that in that case there was objectively a lot of expense, including salaries for these women, it was truly an exorbitant expense. We are trying to find a law that can give relief to these women.”

Landini attacks: «We wrote to the government to open real negotiations, but false meetings continue, like the one today on pensions. You don’t have euros, you don’t put euros, what are we talking about», lets escape the leader of Corso d’Italia, who adds: «The promises that this government made today in the election campaign are not standing, there is no way overcome the Fornero». Uil is also of the same opinion. “The government’s silence on pensions continues”, they say from via Lucullo, stating that “even today” the executive has not received “a single indication of what he intends to do”, neither about hard workers, nor about the Women’s Option, and complaining about the more general lack of comparison with Calderone. “In terms of labor issues, the minister is on the run”, commented the UIL confederal secretary, Ivana Veronese, during a hearing in the Chamber on the Brandizzo tragedy.

Source: IL Tempo