Transportation bonus from October 1: a new click day with limited resources

On Sunday, October 1, 2023, the transportation bonus starts again at 8 am. For this reason, it is possible to request an incentive of up to 60 euros for season tickets for public transport such as trains, buses and metros, by accessing the page dedicated to facilitation on the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. But be careful: New coupons will be issued via a click day, as in September. Funds are awarded in chronological order according to the arrival of the application and therefore speed becomes a crucial factor in accessing the bonus. This is because resources are limited: in fact, it is leftover money from not using the privileges requested in September. The announcement on the website of the Ministry clearly mentions “attempting to exploit any kind of residue”.

Only those with an annual gross income equal to or less than 20,000 Euros can apply for the transportation bonus. The Meloni government has restricted the number of beneficiaries: previously the income threshold of the subsidy was set at 35,000 euros. The amount obtained through the issuance of coupons for purchasing an annual or monthly pass for public transport is up to 60 Euros. The said bonus can only be claimed once a month by a single beneficiary.

The validity period of the coupon is limited to the calendar month in which it is issued, even if an annual or monthly subscription is purchased from the next month. Contribution can be claimed for himself or his dependent minor: The applicant accesses the appropriate platform with Spid or electronic identity card (Cie) and specifies the beneficiary’s tax code. It is possible to benefit from the 60 Euro incentive for students, workers, retirees and citizens whose total income does not exceed 20 thousand Euros, until the first financial resource is exhausted.

It is possible to purchase season tickets for public transport services with an incentive: The coupon is personal and can be used to purchase a single annual or monthly season ticket for local, regional, interregional public transport or national rail transport.

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Source: Today IT