Another item on the PiS agenda. Prime Minister: It is an expression of local patriotism

Thanks to the PiS government’s ‘Local Shelf’ programme, we want to give our indigenous products even more space in the shops – the Prime Minister ruled.

On Wednesday, President Andrzej Duda’s adviser, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, presented another point of the PiS election program: “Local shelf”. It is about obliging supermarkets to offer a certain percentage of products from local suppliers.

– We will oblige retail chains to cooperate with local food producers. No more low quality fruits and vegetables, no more profit at all costs. The quality of the food and the health of the customers should be the most important thing, says Ardanowski. The ‘Local shelf’ program must oblige supermarkets to offer at least 2/3 of the vegetables, fruit, dairy and meat products and bread from local suppliers.

Morawiecki: expression of local patriotism

“Britain, France, Germany, Italy. These are pictures of local supermarkets, where regional products are widely available and promoted. Across Europe, residents appreciate what is familiar, local – ours,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on the social network Facebook. .

“As long as Poland is long and wide – we all know and love Oscypek cheese, Grójeckie apples, Silesian cake, Koryciński cheese, Lublin onion or Krakow obwarzanki. Freshness, tradition, quality – these are the characteristics that customers associate with local products Thanks to the ‘Local shelf’ programme, we want to give even more space to our domestic products in the shops with the PiS government,’ the head of government announced.

According to him, the Law and Justice proposal is “an expression of local patriotism, attachment to tradition, but also support for the Polish economy and producers.” “Every zloty spent on Polish products benefits all of us! These are new jobs, investments, tax refunds” – said Morawiecki. “That’s why we buy local products and enjoy these flavors every day! Because Poland is the most delicious” – he added.

Source: Do Rzeczy