IDB establishes three international alliances to expand the green bond market

The alliances have signed up World Summit of Development Banksaim to increase the level of inter-agency cooperation to help countries in the region achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.

In that sense, the development bank KfW from Germany signed a letter of intent with the IDB to create the “Green Bond Partnership” (GBP), through which they intend to award 2 million euros to the Inter-American Development Bank to promote standards, best practices and financial tools to support the development of green bond markets to improve in the world. Latin America and the Caribbean.

This will also Green bond transparency platform (GBTP) of the IDB.

Meanwhile the IDB And IDB Invest joined the “Global Green Bond Initiative” along with six other development organizations with a view to supporting green bond markets in emerging markets and developing economies.

Similarly, to continue supporting the expansion of the GBTP, the IDB and four other international development organizations issued a joint statement expressing their support for promoting the adoption of the platform by other countries outside the GBTP. Latin America and the Caribbean.

Source: El heraldo