They released adhesions during a march in Buenos Aires on April 23rd

They released adhesions during a march in Buenos Aires on April 23rd

The first list of participants in the mobilization was published under the slogan “The village joins the people’s claim”.

A recent tractor in Cordoba
A recent tractor in Cordoba

With the motto “The village joins the people’s claim” Manufacturers today released some of the mics that the current 23-year-old has in the city of Buenos Aires, as they pointed out.

“On April 23, we, as citizens, arrived in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires to express our discomfort as a sign of solidarity with the entire population of the country. “A rich and prosperous country, which is subject to disaster by the decision of a state that spends a lot and does little.” Reads the introduction to the document, which was released today.

In recent weeks, producer meetings have been held in various regions of the country, where, among other things, mobilization in Buenos Aires has been analyzed.

These producer meetings came after the government increased its soybean oil and flour embargo from 31 to 33% to create a wheat stabilizer fund, a trust run by the Secretary of the Interior, led by Roberto Fellet, to subsidize flour. That reaches the ton.

The list of adhesives, which the organizers released for March 23, includes self-invited manufacturers, from rural units, NOA and Cordoba Liaison Tables, branches of the Argentine Agrarian Federation (FAA), rural communities and other actors. .

Meanwhile, the rural communities and producer association of Baradero, San Pedro, Pergamon, Rojas, Arrecife, Colon, Salto, Captain Sarmiento, San Antonio de Areco, issued the following statement related to the current context: “When you feel your homeland. At risk. When social frustration and frustration lead to a desire to emigrate. When those who work, even if they redouble their efforts, feel that prosperity is a chimera. When those who have left us a great country by their own efforts are sentenced to death in poverty. This is not an analysis of the possibility of correcting it, it is a low and petty speculation characteristic of bad behavior. So, yes, it is the duty of the citizen, regardless of his activities, to protect the homeland, to take care of the elders, to maintain the sources of work and the productive system. “


Source: La Nacion