08:02 The number of passengers at Schiphol has become five times as large as years ago

Schiphol received 3.7 million passengers in March. That is more than five times the 700,000 in March 2021, the airport reported on Wednesday. Last month there were almost two million fewer passengers than before the corona crisis.

According to Schiphol, the reason why the number of passengers has increased so quickly compared to the previous year is mainly the abolition of the corona measures.

Last March, the Netherlands was still in lockdown. Return flights to and from the UK, South Africa and South America have also been banned to prevent the spread of several types of coronavirus. Strict corona measures were also in force in other countries.

These quarantine and no-fly zones have now been lifted and most other countries are also relaxing their corona measures. As a result, more people will travel and therefore fly again.

1.5 million of the 3.7 million passengers had a connection at Schiphol. This is actually 750,000 passengers, but these are counted on arrival and departure. 2.7 million passengers traveled to or from a destination in Europe, 1 million passengers had a destination outside Europe.

However, there are fewer passengers than before the corona crisis. In March 2019, the airport received 5.6 million passengers. According to a Schiphol spokesperson, the low number in the past month may be due to lockdowns in many countries, which means that there are no flights.

“But in general there is even less travel due to the corona crisis. We expect that passenger numbers will not return to pre-corona levels until 2024 at the earliest.”

In March, the number of flights rose by 149% to 30,882, while the number of cargo flights fell slightly to 1,688.

Source: NU