Bonus complications From Super Bonus to super trouble: A legit jungle if something goes wrong Between unexpected costs and scams, bonus creation issues are coming soon. It is also possible for companies to disappear: the photos they send us are symbolic. Here is a guide to what to look out for and prevent the worst, according to the signs of Federconsumatori and Anaci

We will hear about Superbonus for a long time, probably not in a positive way. Overall, construction premiums were supposed to revive the old and inefficient Italian real estate stock, but ultimately destroyed public and private accounts indiscriminately. For the government, the costs are out of control, the high risk of fraud and problems for the citizens: Therefore, the Meloni government is reviewing the building bonus system, which will change its face from 2024, starting with the Superbonus, in continuity with the Draghi government.

Incentives to renovate the house will decrease, not disappear. Apartments can still enjoy some bonuses, but there are tangible risks to watch out for. We can learn from the past by avoiding annoying situations, starting with what went wrong: To do this, has collected and talked about the most common and notable cases of fraud and issues with Superbonus and bonus creation in general. Together with Federconsumatori and the National association of condominium and property managers (Anaci).

Risks of condominium constructions for bonus business

We can identify three main categories of risk for energy renovation and redevelopment in apartment buildings financed by building premiums: time, requirements and fraud. In fact, constructions and subsidies have an expiration date: condominiums that do not fulfill them within the specified time limits risk losing the bonuses obtained.

The same applies if the parameters of energy efficiency and seismic risk adaptation are not followed after renovation. This may be the case for a building that does not improve its energy profile and is certified with an Ape energy performance certificate as required by law, which cannot “bounce” the two classes.

However, in the presence of irregularities, major problems can arise: in these cases, sanctions are imposed and these sanctions can affect all owners, but also other persons with responsibility, such as companies and relevant professionals. If the Revenue Administration detects a mistake, the condominium beneficiary of the support has to return the amount paid by the State with interest and penalties. Enea also verifies the compliance of the works with the project, as well as whether the energy saving targets have been achieved by checking the prices applied by the construction companies. But let’s see some concrete cases.

What can go wrong with renovating an apartment?

There’s a wide spectrum of what can go wrong with renovations in an apartment building: Anaci Roma’s secretary, Giuseppe Buffa, tells “The risks include not getting the job done within legal deadlines.” Other driving jobs such as fixtures can be added during construction if there is a time frame with a work schedule from the start. The same is true for thermal power plant or solar panels. It all lies in respect for the startup project”.

Besides timing, there is also the amount of documentation to be submitted and the Enea application to consider: so it’s easy to make mistakes, but for the Anaci Roma representative, the difference is made by “serious professionals who cut down on time”. risks”. However, there can still be many problems: “Another one, Buffa says, is linked to the collection of loans; for example, the Poste Italiane platform was suspended following government interventions and will reopen soon. But for tax issues, the report is as follows: Between the Revenue Administration and the condominium: the implementation is assumed to be successful, except for the mistakes of the professionals”.

Do you really want to renovate your home because Europe wants it?

If you are in good faith, you can always initiate a communication with the tax authorities to state your reasons by submitting all necessary documents. But in some cases, it may not be enough, at least in the near future.

At worst, the company disappears: photos

A lot of news has drawn attention to construction bonus scams. In the worst-case scenario, the company doing the renovations disappears: There are many reports. “If the company disappears or doesn’t finish the job, you’ll need to notify the Revenue Service and consider making another acquisition to keep the business integrating all the apps. Then many situations can happen and vary from case to case. Secretary of the National Association of Condominium and Real Estate Managers Today He told .it.

There are numerous reports Federconsumatori has received on the matter, and they include “companies that went bankrupt or disappeared without running the business,” Giovanna Capuzzo, the association’s vice president, told There are those that were completed after the scheduled date, exceeded the deadline and risk not being able to take advantage of the bonuses, there were those who left the scaffolding intact without ever seeing the workers, some abandoned jobs even caused damage, for example: some as seen in the photo below sent to Federconsumatori by a resident There is a leak due to rain because it is left without fixtures”.

Photo of fraud risk for Superbonus: a house left without fixtures

But that’s not all: “There are also damage from the execution of work, such as cracks in the walls: sometimes companies do not take responsibility for secondary damage”.

Damage after renovations via building bonuses

“The problem is we don’t have any assurances or certainties,” continues Confabitare’s vice president. In these cases, the Internal Revenue Service’s tax drawer shows amounts of business that has not previously been performed by a company that has disappeared. It is not enough to simply notify the agent of the non-fulfillment of the Agreement: a procedure must be initiated for the cancellation of the invoice in the tax drawer, but it is not simple”.

That’s because fraud needs to be proven, but it takes time to do so: “There have been complaints from some owners and criminal proceedings are ongoing,” says Capuzzo, but fraud needs to be proven: By then, they’ll be billed. Pay will be paid even if it refers to a job that has never been done. Some kind of pardon is needed for those involved. We will ask for government intervention, it is ridiculous that these people have to take legal action, this situation is increasing. Not only is it a mockery of money lost for money invested, but legal costs are also shouldered.”

How to protect yourself: what you need to know

The seriousness of the parties involved is important, but there are other means of protection stipulated in the contracts: “There are penalties in the contract between the condominium and the company – points out the secretary of the National Association of Condominium and Real Estate Managers – Either you get punished or you go before the judge”. Even in the presence of sanctions, condominium owners can sue the company and professionals who caused the problems.

In addition, the law introducing a 110% Super Bonus obliges professionals to take out an insurance policy of at least 500 thousand euros in order to guarantee damages to taxpayers and the state budget.

We can pay our bills with Billions of Super Bonuses

“The bonuses could be useful for those who can’t afford to renovate their homes,” Federconsumatori’s vice president told With a 110 percent bonus, the number of operating companies multiplied: Check if the company is healthy, perhaps by doing some research to understand what assets it holds and what its financial solvency is. It’s also important not to rely on the first person to offer themselves at overpriced prices. his relationship with the floor manager and his ability to intervene immediately in the face of problems”.

In summary, construction bonuses are a great opportunity to renovate your home and make it more efficient by saving energy consumption, but before you start it’s important to know what you’re getting into and understand who to trust.

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