The Deputy Minister of Finance assures: All PiS promises are covered in the budget

The deputy head of the Ministry of Finance, Artur Soboń, assures that all PiS election promises will be covered by the state budget.

The Law and Justice program convention was held in Końskie on Saturday. During the event, the President of PiS and Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński announced the introduction of seniority pensions.

– Seniority pensions were discussed. It has been a long time coming, as 43 years have passed since the August Accords were signed. But today I can say with joy: 38 years for women, 43 years for men, said the leader of the United Right. – This is the result of long work and negotiations of the government – ​​Kaczyński added, thanking Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the ministers.

PiS specifications. “They’ve Got Cover”

– Our election promises and our program proposals are careful and very well calculated. They fit within the possibilities that the Polish state has today. We are the political formation that, when it promises something, announces something, signs a social contract with Poland and keeps it. What distinguishes us from our predecessors is that we take these obligations seriously and implement them. Some of them have even been legally adopted and children will receive, for example, 800 PLN plus from next year – said Deputy Finance Minister Artur Soboń, who was a guest on the program ‘Political Quarter’ on TVP1 on Monday.

The PiS politician assured that all details of the ruling party are covered in the state budget.

According to Deputy Minister Soboń, the internship pension program will only apply to a few people, but it is an important commitment from the point of view of relations with the social side. As he noted, this is the demand of “Solidarity”, which was still on the banners of August ’80. – It is significant that on the same day, when we say that we are implementing the historic demands of the working world, Tusk speaks about the pensions of the security service as his program for pensioners – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance.

– Internship pension is an option, not an obligation. The structure of the labor market has changed compared to that of the early 1980s. We have less heavy industry, working conditions are better, we live longer, but this does not alter the fact that there are still places where work is very hard – added.

Source: Do Rzeczy