Buda: If the European Commission does not extend restrictions on grain imports from Ukraine, I will issue a regulation

If the EC does not extend restrictions on the import of Ukrainian grain after September 15, the head of the Ministry of Energy and Technology will issue a regulation on this.

– If there is no such decision from the European Commission, there will certainly be a Polish decision. I have the power to issue such a regulation that will block imports to Poland at national level and I will not hesitate to use this instrument on Friday or Saturday this week if there is no such decision from the European Commission – said the Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar. Buda on Polish Radio24.

– We are prepared for this; We are preparing a draft for such a regulation if it turns out that there are no other options, he added.

Buda: We support transit through Poland

He emphasized that the Polish government consistently supports the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland to other countries. – When it comes to the supply of Western European and African countries, we support these processes. There is also the so-called formula of solidarity corridors on the part of the European Commission, whereby grain also flows south to countries that need it and do not have their own production. […] There is no problem or reservation, he said.

The Polish government has repeatedly stated that it supports the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland. He also pointed out that the unlimited inflow of Ukrainian agricultural products leads to destabilization of the markets for these products.

In May, the European Commission adopted the emergency measure provided for in the regulation on autonomous trade measures for the import of wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds from Ukraine. The aim of the measures was to alleviate logistical bottlenecks for these products in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. The restrictions will remain in place until mid-September.

At the same time, the EU liberalized all imports from Ukraine in June last year and suspended trade defense measures against Ukrainian companies. The scheme, which was initially valid for one year, was extended for another year.

Source: Do Rzeczy