Buzek on KPO for Poland: only the opposition can undo it

PiS has no credibility in the EU. Only the opposition will have the chance to quickly overturn the KPO case, says Jerzy Buzek, KO MEP.

To the comment of the presenter of the program ‘Fakty po Faktach’ on TVN24 that in the case of the National Reconstruction Plan, PiS believes that if it wins the elections again, “the EU will finally give up and turn on the money tap again”, replied Buzek: – If he succeeds, because there is no credibility of Law and Justice in the European Union.

– They have broken so many rules, they have broken so many signed contracts, and above all they have broken the milestones set by the Prime Minister. Milestones are nothing more than the Polish government having agreed to certain solutions that it is not adhering to at all. And you know, the government even admits that it’s not meeting the milestones. That is why we cannot take seriously a government that fails to meet its key obligations, the MEP said.

Buzek: We are suffering greatly without this money

He further argued that “only the opposition will have the chance to quickly undo the KPO issue, including the structural, normal money that should flow to our country.” According to him, Poland “suffers” without these measures.

– I wish every election winner could undo this, because we are suffering tremendously today. Italians, Spaniards, even our neighbors, the Czechs and other countries, use this money, Buzek said. According to him, this is “key money for our economy, for entrepreneurs, for schools, for hospitals, for kindergartens and especially for local governments.”

– Local governments will not be able to finance investments. Nowadays, local governments sign or apply for normal investment projects, and it is not known whether they will get returns, because if no money comes from the EU, local governments are at risk. And self-government is the basis of Polish development, the MEP said.

KPO frozen. There is a dispute about the rule of law in the background

Due to the dispute over the rule of law, Brussels is suspending funding for the KPO for Poland. This concerns primarily the implementation of the judgment of the Court of Justice of the EU regarding the liquidation of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court and the related need to reinstate judges who have been excluded from adjudicating by the ID to set.

The Disciplinary Chamber no longer exists – it has been replaced by the new Chamber for Professional Responsibility – but the other conditions, which the European Commission calls ‘milestones’, have not been met.

Poland agreed to fulfill this, prompting the European Commission to accept it in June last year. our National Reconstruction Plan, which amounts to 24 billion euros in grants and 12 billion euros in loans to rebuild the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Do Rzeczy