What will the upcoming gas bonus be like?

The government is working on a measure to offset the high cost of fuel. Something will be done, there seems to be no longer any doubt. Compared to recent rumors, the idea of ​​a bonus only for less wealthy families is gaining ground again. Although the measure promises to be technically complex, there seems to be no other option to carry it out. The cost of a 30-cent linear cut initiated by Draghi’s government would be very high: around 0.8 billion euros per month. That’s almost 10 billion a year. An expenditure higher than the annual expenditure allocated by the state for citizenship income.

Government sources confirm to Adnkronos that the issue is on the table, explaining, “There will be no linear cuts.” “Blanket short, an indefinite cut in consumption taxes could be too burdensome at the moment – the government has to make choices, according to the same sources. The urgent thing now is to help those who are unemployed, but also those who have difficulty doing things. Everyone, even those who have their dream cars, can afford to pay less for gas.” to shop or make ends meet rather than using resources to pay for it…”.

The income threshold that will allow access to the bonus has not yet been determined. However, according to what has emerged, this will not be very high. As for the method of payment of the bonus, the government may introduce a prepaid card according to the “Special for You” card model for families with ISEE for food purchases not exceeding 15 thousand euros per year. Based on the beneficiary ranking prepared by INPS, the government, with the help of municipalities and the Italian Post Office, can send the same number of cards to those who are eligible, as has been done with the food purchasing card in recent weeks. But we are still in the realm of hypotheses. As for the amount, there was talk of a “one-time” bonus of 150 euros (that is, once and that’s it). However, there is currently no confirmation on ISEE figures and threshold values. We will talk again.

A liter of gasoline approached 2 euros

Meanwhile, fuel prices continue to rise due to the impact of refined product prices, rising above a thousand dollars per green ton as it was a month ago, while Brent is returning to over $90 per barrel. The national average of self-service gasoline prices exceeds 1.97 euros per liter (and even higher in some regions); Diesel prices are heading towards 1.89 Euros/litre, just three cents above the 2023 peak reached at 1.92 Euros/litre on January 30. . Eni increased the recommended prices of gasoline and diesel by one cent per liter on Saturday, according to the regular report of Staffetta Quotidiana. We recorded an increase of two cents per liter on petrol and diesel for the IP and Q8. +1 cent per liter for Tamoil on green fuel and 2 cents on diesel fuel.

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Source: Today IT