The prices of tickets and tourist packages show a decrease

“We hope that the increase will continue to moderate in the coming months and hopefully with the possibility of a reduction in these prices that will benefit consumers and generate an increase in demand for products and services, in view of the end of the annual season,” he said. said. Paula Cortes Calleexecutive president of Anato.

Between January and May, 11,687,419 passengers were transported domestic flightswhich represented a decrease of 12% compared to the same period in 2022.

In fact only between March and May, with the suspension of flight routes Live And Ultrathe reduction has been 19%, according to data from the Civil aviation.

Anato analyzes that prices stabilize much faster than the national total, “since the maximum increase in air transport in the year was 42.8% (in February) and in the case of tourist packages 20.5%% (in March)”.

Source: El heraldo