Sanctions? Russia is already producing more missiles than before the war

According to the American press, despite the sanctions, Russia has increased its missile production and exceeded pre-war levels. In terms of ammunition production, Moscow exceeds the West seven times.

While Russia sharply reduced missile production at the very beginning of the war due to sanctions, military-industrial production began to grow again in late 2022, The New York Times reported, citing American, European and Ukrainian officials.

The newspaper’s sources say Moscow has undermined US export controls through its intelligence services and a network of agents who smuggle key components needed for cruise missile production to third countries, from where they are delivered to customers in Russia.

The Kremlin also began circumventing the export controls of countries such as Turkey and Armenia, allowing Russia to maintain access to key components. At the same time, as “NYT” notes, Russia does not need top-tier chips whose exports are easy to track; it imports commercial chips used for various purposes.

Before the war, the Russian military-industrial complex could produce 100 tanks per year, now 200 – a high-ranking source at one of the Western defense ministries told ‘NYT’.

Russia produces seven times more ammunition than the West

According to the publication’s interlocutors, Russia can produce up to 2 million artillery shells per year, which is twice as much as initially estimated by Western intelligence services.

Kusti Salma, an official at the Estonian Defense Ministry, said the volume of Russian ammunition production is seven times larger than in the West, and cheaper. As he added, while in a Western country an artillery shell of 155 mm costs PLN 5,000-6,000. dollars, Russia only spends $600 on it.

New York Times sources fear that an increase in missile production in Russia could mean a dark and icy winter for the people of Ukraine. Last winter, Russian forces deliberately launched massive missile attacks on energy infrastructure, causing power and heat outages across Ukraine.

The Pentagon is trying to supply Ukraine with more air defense systems, but Ukrainian officials say this is still not enough to cover the skies above the country.

Source: Do Rzeczy