Meloni is open to changes in the tax on banks’ extra profits, but warns: “There is no going back”

“After a year in government, I became at peace with my conscience.” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, interviewed by Bruno Vespa, starts from this premise Five minutes And door to door In Raiuno.
The Prime Minister touched on many topics, from immigrants to Italy’s role in the EU, from reforms to transition. One of the interventions decided by the government, and repeatedly put forward by the Prime Minister himself as the “correct” decision, is the tax on banks’ extra profits. Now Meloni is open to changes, but on one condition: “With the same income.” “I claim that the judgment regarding the banks, which I think is still correct, continues. I claim that from now on, for God’s sake, if there are corrective measures against me, they can be evaluated, but this is not a step backwards,” Meloni said. Immediately after the statement: “Changes can be made with the same income”, i.e. “something less than three billion”.

The announcement that banks’ extra profits would be taxed came at the beginning of August and came as a bit of a surprise. Meloni bore the full brunt of the decision, which was distasteful to all allies, especially Forza Italia, and immediate corrective measures were demanded. In the last few hours, the European Central Bank also sided with Italian institutions. According to the Frankfurt opinion signed by President Christine Lagarde, this tax would jeopardize banks’ ability to attract investors as well as loans to businesses. Additionally, being retroactive “could fuel the perception of an unclear tax framework and lead to extensive litigation, creating issues of legal uncertainty.”

Meloni has always built walls until today, the first opening was the wall in Bruno Vespa’s TV room. He was immediately taken over by Antonio Tajani, deputy prime minister and helmsman of Forza Italia. “It is right to ask the banks for a concrete commitment to help Italy. I appreciate Giorgia Meloni’s words to correct the text of the decree on extra profits to better protect savings and the national economic system. We are ready to contribute”, written in light blue above the X .

Meloni’s openness to changes comes on the eve of the changes’ deadline (at noon today, September 14). The debate is now in the Senate, where both the League and Forza Italia will propose their amendments.

However, the points made by the Prime Minister were different. This was inevitable, given the situation in Lampedusa, where arrivals, like immigrants, were increasing, and there were also moments of tension with the police.
Commenting on the decision of the French and German governments to stop immigrants coming from Italy, Meloni made the following statement: “The issue of displacement is in the background, that is, very few people have moved in recent months. Therefore, the issue is not how we pass the immigrants between us. The only way to solve the problem for everyone is “The way is to stop the primary movements, the arrivals to Italy, and I continue to work on that. I see a change in mentality, but I still don’t see anything concrete. Answers.”

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Source: Today IT