Prime Minister in a new PiS place: this is the implementation of a great idea

We will introduce seniority pensions. This is an expression of our gratitude for the hard work of millions of Poles – promises Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the new PiS place.

The election campaign is underway. All political parties that are important in the battle for seats: PiS, KO, Konfederacja, Trzecia Droga and Left, release countless propaganda spots with which they try to expand their electorate.

Internship pensions – PiS promise

Mateusz Morawiecki shines in the new PiS spot. The Prime Minister speaks about one of the party’s flagship promises: seniority pensions. There were also references to the PO leader. The spot was marked with the hashtag “No to Tusk’s coercion.”

– There are people who have worked hard from an early age, often working physically hard in various professions. We want to introduce a seniority pension for them. It is the implementation of a great idea, an idea that goes back to the era of Solidarity. This is the fulfillment of the expectations of hardworking millions of Poles, says the head of government.

– They are the ones who get up every morning, sometimes before dawn, and build our homeland. They should have a choice, they should be given the chance to catch their breath. We will introduce a seniority pension for these hardworking people: 38 years of contribution periods for women and 43 years for men, he added.

– Let it be their choice when they retire. This is an expression of our gratitude for your hard work. And today we want to convert this gratitude into an internship pension, the Prime Minister concludes.

Spot fight

Last Friday, PiS released a series of spots titled “Tusk’s specifics”, marked with the hashtag “Tusk’s Lies”, to which the Civic Platform responded with clips with the hashtag “PiS Fraud”.

In the age of social media, party formations often use short edited videos published on Facebook, X (i.e. Twitter) and TikTok. One of the increasingly used formulas is propaganda spots attacking political competition, quoting short excerpts of statements made by its representatives.

It is striking that the makers of clips for Polish parties are showing more and more ‘creativity’. Fictional scenes are created and voice generators are used. Some political commentators point out that this is heading in a dangerous direction.

On Saturday, both sides had their program conventions, presenting a large number of very expensive proposals that they would like to implement in the next terms of the Sejm.

Source: Do Rzeczy