Gas bonus at risk: Why is the government having second thoughts?

The gas bonus is gradually remaining balanced. It’s easy to say why: There is a lack of resources. Ministry of Economy sources told Adnkronos that it is not certain whether the measure will be implemented or not, claiming that Palazzo Chigi will display a certain “coldness” regarding the measure. There is little money in the coffers and the government is said to be busy using resources for health, security and other emergencies, including tackling the birth rate. Therefore, according to the press agency, Adolfo Urso’s statement on measures for the next council of ministers will not be reflected.

According to the report of the same sources, if an intervention is made, it will not be in a short period of time and in any case it will concern only the weakest groups. Therefore, it will not be a linear cut. In short, the hypothesis of lowering the special consumption tax or a 150-euro card for low incomes seems to have disappeared. Maybe we’ll talk more about this later. But it wasn’t said.

Bonus for expired invoices

Meanwhile, by the end of the month, the Meloni government is also asked to decide on the renewal of measures to deal with high energy costs, including bonuses on electricity and gas bills affecting users with ISEE by up to 15 thousand euros. Up to 30 thousand euros for families with more than four children. In this case, time is limited: the extension launched in June is actually valid for three months, and therefore the “discounts” will remain in effect until September 30.

In addition to strengthening the social bonus (here we explain what it provides and who is eligible), the government renewed the bonus for the third quarter of 2023 by the same decree. Reducing VAT to 5% for energy produced by gas, district heating and methane gas, as well as eliminating system charges for gas. 800 million euros were allocated for the extension.

Environment Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin announced today that the provision in the bill is “under consideration” and that “VAT will probably remain at 5%.” However, it is clear that there are still many uncertainties. So much so that Pichetto Fratin himself chose not to say much. “Let’s see next week,” he said on the sidelines of the Confindustria Assembly, “the whole issue is being considered, including the cost.”

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Source: Today IT