Social card worth 382.5 euros, top-up possible (but with one condition)

The activation period for the “Card specifically for you”, the €382.50 social card for families in distress, has now expired. The card, which can be collected directly from post offices and is intended for approximately 300 thousand families with ISEE under 15 thousand euros, had to be activated with the purchase by Friday, September 15. The cards were ready for use from July 2023, but failure to activate by 15 September 2023 will make it impossible to use the card, resulting in the loss of contribution.

Social card worth 382.5 euros: top-up option

What will happen now? The government has allocated 500 million euros for this measure to help buy food products and basic needs for approximately 300 thousand families, with the intention of spending every penny. Will there be reinforcements? No further allocation is foreseen for now and therefore we are talking about a one-time bonus; However, not everyone knows that an additional top-up to the Card allocated to you is required by law, but only if certain conditions are met. In detail, a new top-up will be made if resources remain at the end of the first phase of delivery and activation of the cards, which will end on September 15.

For example, families who cannot collect their cards or those who have not made the first payment by September 15 may trigger a blockage that prevents the current amount from being spent. These situations will be identified by Poste Italiane during the monitoring in October, and the results will then be forwarded to the Ministries of Agriculture and Economy so that they can evaluate whether there is economic viability for the implementation of a new loan. to those who deserve it. Therefore, if funds are still available after the September 15 deadline, new cards will not be allocated but a new payment will be made for cards that are already active. The criteria should remain the same as those that led to the allocation of the card, so larger families with younger children and lower ISEEs should be given priority, but this will not happen in the short term. A possible addition could occur between October and November, with the initially expected 500 million in funding always available. Of course, it is not possible to make any hypotheses regarding the top-up amount at the moment: everything will depend on the unused amount, which will then be distributed among card-holding citizens.

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Source: Today IT