Brent and WTI oil ended the week higher, crossing USD90 per barrel

He Crude oil from the North Seareference Europeended the day on the International Exchange Futures up USD0.23 compared to next Thursday’s trading, when it closed at USD93.7.

This way, except on the day of Wednesdaywhen it saw a slight decline of 0.12%, Brent has closed higher every day this week, ending at almost four dollars above Monday’s open

This trend has led to Brent to approach $100 for the first time since the first weeks after the invasion Ukraine subsequently passed Saudi Arabia And Russia announce an extension of their production cuts.

For its part, the price of intermediate oil from Texas (WTI) rose 0.67% this Friday to close at $90.77, a record high in the past ten months after crossing the psychological barrier of $90 on Thursday.

Source: El heraldo