Bravo! AICM taxi driver returns wallet with more than 40 thousand pesos to a tourist who forgot it

Honest Mexicans! A taxi driver which operates at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) come back A briefcase With thousands of dollars and thousands of pesos to a tourist who was traveling with it and forgot it in the car.

On X (formerly Twitter), AICM explained that the event took place this Saturday evening after The Colombian will use the services of taxi driver Rodolfo Caballero Macias.

When leaving the unit, the tourist forgot his wallet, which contained the documents. 2 thousand American dollars and 10 thousand Mexican pesos in cash.

Caballero Macias, noticing a forgotten item in his car, decided to return it “in whole” to the owner.

Through this act of honesty, AICM recognized Rodolfo on social networks.

“AICM recognizes the honesty and integrity of Mr. Rodolfo Caballero Macias, our airport taxi concessionaire for 45 years. People like Mr. Caballero Macias are making a difference and improving the quality of service at AICM. Congratulations!”.

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Source: Aristegui Noticias