In this poll KO wins

The latest survey examined which party respondents believe will best take care of the Polish economy.

The research was conducted by SW Research at the request of the portal Respondents were asked which group they thought would be best able to take care of the state of the Polish economy.

The most – 23.3 percent respondents – indicated Civic coalition. According to 21.9 percent respondents would be the best at dealing with the economy PIS. According to 9.8 percent of respondents, they would be able to deal with the economy best Confederation.

She found herself leaving the stage Left – 5.8 percent indications. According to 4.6 percent of respondents, they would be able to deal with the economy best Poland 2050. 1.4 percent Respondents believe that they are the best person to handle the economy PSL.

0.9 percent of respondents chose the answer ‘other group’. 13.7 percent respondents believe that neither party can handle the economy. 18.6 percent Respondents have no opinion about this.

The older the respondent, the greater his hope for KO

– The belief that KO would best care for the Polish economy increases with age (up to 24 years old – 10%, over 50 years old – 32%). More than one in four respondents with higher education (27%) believe that the Civic Coalition could best take care of the Polish economy. The same opinion is shared by almost one in three people (32%) with an income above PLN 5,000 net, and a slightly smaller percentage of respondents (30%) in cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants. residents – comments Piotr Zimolzak, vice president of research agency SW Research, comments on the survey results.

The survey was conducted by research agency SW Research among users of the online panel SW Panel on September 12-13, 2023. The analysis covered a group of 800 internet users over the age of 18. The sample was selected in a random quota manner. The structure of the sample was adjusted using analytical weight to match the structure of Poles over 18 years old in terms of main characteristics related to the topic of the study. Socio-demographic variables were taken into account when constructing the weight.

Source: Do Rzeczy