Digitouch Marketing strengthens its position thanks to an increasingly competitive offer

Digitouch president Simone Ranucci Brandimarte and Digitouch Marketing VP Alessio Angiolillo will present Digitouch Marketing’s new positioning via a webcast on the WebEx platform. Brand solutions enabled by innovative thinking and artificial intelligence are the new Unique Selling Proposition determined to respond to market changes and brand needs. In the reference scenario, Digitouch Marketing therefore stands out with an offer that skillfully integrates an innovative and unprecedented technological stack with the expertise and skills of its talents.

The leadership of the region is entrusted to Alessio Angiolillo, a professional with decades of experience in Italian and international digital marketing realities. Distinctiveness, visibility, uniqueness and relevance are the pillars on which the new approach is structured, which sees Artificial Intelligence as an excellent enabler of innovation, while preserving the central role of creative and human thought. The new offer actually consists of products covering the entire design chain that can effectively meet the different needs of brands.

In detail: – Content Engine Platform is a platform dedicated to content creation. Thanks to the combination of data, Human Thought and AI, it is possible to design and create relevant content for any channel, with value for both brands and consumers;

– People Content Platform is an automatic Mar-Tech solution that accompanies brands at all stages of the sales funnel, allowing the development of Influencer and Creator Marketing strategies;

– Digital Asset Optimization Services are designed for the optimization of all digital assets owned by brands, from websites to applications, acting to increase the speed and performance of navigation paths in terms of visibility and relevance;

– The Performance Marketing Suite includes Media and Audience Segmentation products and solutions that aim to increase visibility and conversions across the entire funnel and allow the brand to track the entire customer journey. Therefore, the value and scalability of new products are ensured both by the special skills of professionals who can interpret the needs of brands in an original, effective and innovative way, and by close partnerships with key technological players that bring the strategies to life. It arises from the union between the creative side and the more analytical and performance-related one. «The world is constantly evolving, opportunities are changing, and with them the needs of brands and companies.

Rethink the vision

“Rethinking Digitouch Marketing’s vision and offer is an important step in remaining competitive in such a crowded and highly dynamic market as Digital Marketing. We believe that new technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence, can truly lead us towards innovative and innovative solutions. Alessio, Digitouch Vice President of Marketing It responds to the increasingly complex needs of customers, so the entire Marketing team faces a huge challenge to cope and translate into growth opportunities,” says Angiolillo. «Investing in innovation remains one of Digitouch’s strengths. Companies in the public and private sectors want us to be able to interpret their needs and respond with an approach that cannot ignore the integration of technology and skills. The new vision of the marketing field is a perfect expression of this and contributes to further consolidating our position in the market,” says Simone Ranucci Brandimarte, President of Digitouch. Alessio Angiolillo has more than ten years of experience as a business leader in the field of digital and mobile marketing, and is responsible for activities for high-end clients and national and has led the development of international field projects. He has always worked in multi-disciplinary organizations where he managed the business with great attention to customer needs and strategic vision aimed at achieving concrete corporate objectives. His most recent professional experiences are at Starcom, where he served as European Digital Leader, and General Manager at Performics. He won as principal.

Source: Today IT