What will happen to the thousands of employable people without citizenship income and new subsidies?

They have lost their citizenship income or will lose it by the end of the year. And for income reasons, they are not even entitled to the new training and employment support, which contributes up to 350 euros per month for a maximum of one year, in connection with participation in training courses for work with the ISEE threshold. It dropped from 9 thousand 360 to six thousand euros. We are talking about around 15 thousand employable people who are deprived of any economic assistance. The government is working on some kind of “parachute” for them. Technicians of the Ministry of Labor are analyzing the dossier together with INPS following the launch of the Siisl platform (information system for social and work participation) developed by the social security institute, together with training courses and the possible intersection between work and profession. This is supply and demand, where 15 thousand employable people cannot register for now.

So what to do? The aim is to create any legal or regulatory intervention that will accompany them until they find employment. For this we will need a precise analysis of who the people concerned are, what qualifications they have and how they will concretely fit into the labor market. Initial hypotheses regarding possible interventions to be implemented emerged. In addition to the extension of the ISEE training and work support limit, the inclusion of these people in the “Goal” program, which is a guarantee of employability of employees based on the Pnrr (national recovery and resilience plan), is also being considered. We are also considering using European anti-poverty funds for specialized courses of active policies or dealing with them through social services.

There is a technical detail to consider regarding the fully equivalent economic situation indicator: You can request the current ISEE from April this year; This allows you to update your wealth indicator if your work situation worsens or becomes cheaper than two. Years ago. The threshold of 9,360 euros also includes movable assets: if a family has drawn on its savings to cope with extreme hardship and hardship, the value of the current ISEE currently calculated will be lower than the previous one. In this case, the ISEE may fall below 6 thousand euros, which is the threshold for receiving contributions of up to 350 euros per month. According to technicians working on the new training and work support, the audience of 15 thousand people could be reduced by a few thousand people.

But the truth is that for now the aim is to encourage the mass of former citizens receiving income to register on the Siisl platform, which will be open to all unemployed people in October. However, the possibility of introducing another subsidy has not been completely ruled out: this would cost less money than the current support of 350 euros per month and would be valid for a shorter period; which is also “adpersonam” and therefore also applies to more subjects. The family experiencing loss of income.

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