Fedesarrollo business survey estimates inflation at 9.43%

The cost of living in Colombia for this year has been projected at 9.43% by the Fedesarrollo business survey.

In September, the analysts surveyed also predicted that the Bank of the Republic’s intervention rate would end the year at 12.50%.

In terms of economic growth, they project an annual variation in GDP of 0.5% for the third quarter and 1.1% for the fourth quarter of 2023. For 2023 and 2024, they expect growth of 1.2% and 2, respectively .0%.

As for inflation, analysts estimate it at 11.0% by the end of the month and 9.43% by the end of 2023, values ​​above the Bank of the Republic’s target range.

Finally, the exchange rate forecast for September and December 2023 was 4,015 and 4,115 respectively.

Source: El heraldo