The 6 labor items that would skyrocket business costs

In Barranquilla, where social events have been reactivated after 2021, you can hire this profile of people. Jose Fernando Mesafounder and manager of an employment agency (ETS) that specializes in hiring the catering industry, specifies that these types of contractual ties deepen informality in Barranquilla and Colombia. “If the labor reform is approved as proposed, more of these types of contracts will be created. Informality will make for an impressive shot”.

The Colombian Association of Temporary Service Providers, Acosetdelves into informality, the largest gap in the Colombian labor marketand the biggest challenge for the state and the productive sector.

In the May to July quarter, the country reached an informality rate of 56%, while Barranquilla went from 54.5% to 53.4%. For every 100 employees in the Atlantic capital, 53 – more than half – offer their services without meeting all contribution and social security requirements.

The labor reform bill sits in the Congress of the Republic and is preparing second debate in the plenary session of the Senate. And a study by Lorena Jacob, from the Activos SAS business group, presented by Acoset, showed that six items can have an impact on labor costs for companies. Temporary Services Providers (ETS) employ more than 100,294 in the Atlanticrepresents more than a third of the 441,875 people formally hired in Colombia.

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“We have created 600,000 formal jobs, we have impacted 2 million families and we continue to promote opportunities for people who have not yet entered the formal employment system,” he stressed. Miguel Perez Garciachairman of Acoset.

The red marked articles of the bill for Acoset are the articles that can increase night costs with 200%, the rSun and holiday costs with 100%, the icompensations between 180% and 280% the SENA compensation by 113% paternity leave with 500% and the fixed-term contract, employment contract or 30 days further.

The Sunday allowance Today it pays for the hour of work with a surplus value of 75%. With the reform, the gradual increase would reach 100% until 2026. In this case, the research showed that, contrary to what you might think, it would cost an extra 33%, Acoset said.

Juan Fernando Mesa, manager of Temporary Assistance of the Caribbean, admits that the labor reform, if approved, will also increase high labor costs. “Large companies may have the capacity to adopt these, but micro and small businesses, which make up 95%, will not be able to do so. If the year has 52 weeks, and all these bills to increase paternity leave, the consequences for women or the psychological impact on work, how much is someone actually going to work in Colombia and what does productivity look like?”

Source: El heraldo