New petrol bonuses and bills: who will qualify for them

A package of measures to combat increases in fuel and bill prices, not only limited to this, but also measures for mortgages and universities. The so-called “energy decree” reached the Council of Ministers today, Monday, September 25, and the government is ready to launch a series of measures aimed especially at supporting low-income families. The most anticipated measures in the draft decree are, of course, those related to fuel bonuses and invoices: Let’s see in detail who can benefit from these contributions.

80 euro gas bonus

The bonus to combat the rise in fuel prices is supposed to be 80 euros, and the government’s intention is to pay it directly to the “Special Card for You”, the social card used to top up 380 euros for families with an ISEE below 15. They can spend up to a thousand euros on purchasing food and basic needs. Such an 80-euro “voucher” is supposed to cover the 1.3 million families who have a social card, but it is not yet clear whether the measure will also include benefits for some categories of workers, such as commuters or transporters.

Extension of invoice bonus

In the new decree that will be submitted to the Council of Ministers today, it is envisaged that the so-called bill bonus, which will always be for families whose ISEE is below 15 thousand euros per year, will be extended. Electricity and gas social bonuses will continue to reduce bills at least until the end of the year. The operation should remain the same, i.e. the discount applied directly to the bills: the amount is calculated directly by the energy, networks and environment regulatory authority Arera; If the ISEE is below the threshold of 9,530 euros, the discount is even higher. . Even in this case, there will be no need to make a request, and the discount will be applied directly to families that meet the conditions. In recent months, the “outage” averaged between 13 and 20 euros per month for electricity and 6 to 10 euros per month for natural gas.

Regarding natural gas bills, VAT should be blocked at 5%, as Environment Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin predicted: “I believe that we will keep the 5% VAT, but this is an issue that has yet to be fully evaluated. about system fees and VAT “. System charges, which should remain zero for gas only and not for electricity bills, remain a hot topic.

Mortgages and universities

The draft decree also includes the extension of the maximum guarantee (80 percent) provided by the Fund for mortgages for the purchase of a first home from September 30 to December 31, 2023. Finally, regarding universities, the executive plans to allocate 7.4 million euros to fill the “gap” by introducing a rule that could solve the problem of those who qualify for scholarships. Currently, in education, 55 million people are envisaged for short-term and occasional replacement of school staff.

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Source: Today IT