Transport bonus, this time the day changes: How to get 60 euros

A 60 Euro incentive not to be missed, but only available online. The transport bonus, a benefit designed to make purchasing public transport season tickets easier, is back. At stake is money that was not spent in previous rounds, and this time users will find themselves facing a click day. Since the appointment is on Sunday, October 1st, it is a public holiday and the bonus can be claimed from 8:00 in the morning until the appointment ends. And there is a risk of facing a real “bonus race”, as happened in September, in which available benefits run out within an hour.

After all, the audience is really big: The number of Italians using public transport in our country is almost 27 million. And there will still be some remaining. The scope actually expired in August, but the next two appointments (in September and October) will serve to distribute funds not allocated in previous rounds. The available sums should not be too large, but the exact amount will only be known at midnight on October 1. The ministry notes that this is “the third time the procedure for delivering the last euros to citizens has been reopened.”

How to apply and what you need to know

Let’s start by saying that speed and perseverance are important, but there is no perfect recipe. Therefore, it is convenient to connect at the appointed time (or better, try a few minutes earlier, even if guessing is not allowed) and arm yourself with a good connection and (certainly) patience.

However, the important thing is to understand whether your city’s local transportation network participates in this initiative without wasting your valuable time. In this context, the full list can be accessed from this link. This is the link where you can claim the bonus.

But be careful: not everyone can apply. The bonus is available to anyone whose total income does not exceed 20 thousand euros in 2022. Incentive can also be requested for a minor dependent. If the beneficiary has a minor dependent, the income requirement for the minor beneficiary of the voucher must exist, regardless of the applicant’s income.

It is useful to have your electronic identity card (Cie) Spid at hand to request it. It is also important to know the tax code of your claimed beneficiary.

The bonus has a value of 60 euros and can only be claimed for an annual or monthly pass for local or rail public transport. In this case, first class, executive, business, executive club, lounge, premium, workspace and business lounge services are excluded.

After receiving the discount on the platform, you can purchase the season ticket physically at the ticket office or online by showing the code you received at the end of the transaction during the purchase.

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Source: Today IT