$100 million for Ukraine from the World Bank

Ukraine received $100 million from the World Bank as part of Britain’s guarantees.

“These funds are part of the fifth additional financing of the project Public Expenditures for the Sustainability of Administrative Capacity in Ukraine (PEACE in Ukraine),” says the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

As we read, “the funds will be allocated for a partial reimbursement of the expenditure in the state budget incurred to cover the pension benefits for July 2023.”

– I am grateful to the UK Government and the World Bank team for their constructive cooperation and mobilization of financial resources for Ukraine’s urgent budgetary needs. Thanks to the resources provided, we will be able to maintain macro-financial stability and guarantee priority expenditure of the state budget, said Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko. Britain’s total financial assistance since February 2022 has reached $1.6 billion.

Last week, the Ukrainian budget received $1.25 billion from the United States through the World Bank Trust Fund.

Ukraine received the first Abrams tanks from the US

According to the American press, the first M1 Abrams tanks have arrived in Ukraine from the United States. This was reported by The New York Times, citing Pentagon sources. The newspaper’s interlocutors did not specify the number of Abrams tanks that have already arrived in Ukraine, but assured that the next batch of tanks will be delivered in the coming months.

The reports of “NYT” were confirmed by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. “We are preparing to strengthen our brigades,” he wrote on Telegram.

In total, US President Joe Biden’s administration has promised to supply the Ukrainian armed forces with 31 Abrams missiles. This number corresponds to one battalion. The United States has announced plans to send these tanks to Ukraine in January 2023.

Subsequently, training for Ukrainian military personnel was organized at the Grafenwohr base in Germany. Preparations ended in August.

Abrams tanks for Ukraine. The US accelerated delivery

Initially, Washington argued that it would take more than a year to transfer the Abrams to Kiev, but then the Pentagon decided to radically change the delivery schedule to support the Ukrainian army’s counteroffensive. According to Politico, the first batch would contain ten tanks.

Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said that Ukrainian units plan to use the Abrams aircraft “for very specific, well-thought-out operations” and not in direct combat, to attack the them and to be taken over by Russian troops.

Source: Do Rzeczy