Huge US loan to Poland. “Crucial Meaning”

The US has provided Poland with a direct loan worth US$2 billion (about Złoty 8.7 billion) as part of foreign military financing, the US State Department said.

The purpose of the actions of the US authorities is to support the modernization of Polish defense. “Poland is a steadfast ally of the United States, and its security is critical to the collective defense of NATO’s eastern flank,” the US State Department said in a statement on Monday.

“In addition to playing an important supporting role in facilitating international assistance to neighboring Ukraine, Poland has demonstrated its strong commitment to strengthening regional security through solid investments in defense spending,” we read.

“The United States is proud to announce the signing of a major $2 billion Foreign Military Financing (FMF) loan agreement to support Poland’s defense modernization. Poland is a steadfast ally of the US and its security is crucial for the collective defense of NATO’s eastern flank.” – wrote the US ambassador in Warsaw, Mark Brzezinski, on the social networking site X (formerly Twitter).

An important decision for Poland

FMF Direct Loans are a security cooperation instrument reserved for America’s key partners. Proceeds from the loan will support Poland’s military modernization efforts across a wide range of capabilities, and contribute significantly to strengthening defense and deterrence forces on NATO’s eastern flank.

Let’s not forget that in September the U.S. State Department approved the $4 billion sale of the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Command System to Poland. These include 93 system operations centers and 175 fire control network relays and other related equipment. The main contractor for the missile defense system will be the American technology and defense company Northrup Grumman.

This is not the only major purchase made by the Polish military recently. In August, the US State Department approved the sale of 96 AH-64E Apache helicopters to Poland.

Source: Do Rzeczy