Gas bonus is now official: Those who are entitled to a “free tank” for their cars

In the end, after some hesitation, the government gave the green light to the fuel bonus, but as it turns out from rumors in recent weeks (and confirmed by the energy decree issued by the Council of Ministers on Monday evening), the contribution is only available to social card holders from a limited number of families. The amount of the contribution will be determined by a special provision of the Ministry of Commerce within 30 days from the entry into force of the decree and Made in Italy. 100 million euros have been allocated for the measure and will benefit approximately 1.3 million families. Therefore, by making some calculations, we can estimate that the bonus should be around 75-80 euros per family. In essence, this will be a “free tank”, at least for small cars. It is important to remember that the bonus will be paid as a one-time payment, i.e. once and that’s it.

Another point that needs to be clarified is that the fuel bonus will not be a bonus in itself. Essentially, with the energy decree, the government expanded the use of the social card (now used by families to buy food) to also buy fuel. Therefore, only those who have the “Special for You” card, that is, families with ISEE up to 15 thousand Euros, will be entitled to receive the contribution for diesel, gasoline and other types of fuel.

What is the target audience of the social card?

The social card, financed by the Meloni government with 500 million euros for 2023, targets an audience of 1.3 million families experiencing economic difficulties, without citizenship income, participation income, solidarity fund, redundancy fund or other public subsidies such as Naspi. The beneficiary ranking prepared by the municipalities and INPS includes families whose ISEE, updated to 12 May 2023, is less than 15 thousand Euros per year and documented with a single self-declaration (DSU). The amount of the social card is 382.5 euros to be spent between 1 August and 31 December 2023. Together with the fuel bonus, the total amount will increase to just over 450 euros.

Finally, it is important to underline that the government has set an expiration date for the activation of the social card: September 15. Beneficiaries who do not make at least one purchase with their prepaid card after this date will lose the entire amount. And if there are no surprises, they will not even qualify for the purchase of fuel worth 70-80 euros.

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Source: Today IT