Report on immigrants in Poland. ’60-75 percent are Ukrainians’

In Poland, the total number of immigrants can be estimated at about 3.5 to 4 million, of which 60 to 75 percent are Ukrainians – according to a report by the Warsaw Enterprise Institute.

The number of migrants is growing steadily around the world and they constitute an increasing percentage of the world’s population. In 2020, as many as 280 million people lived outside their country of origin for at least a year. Compared to 1990, the number of migrants has increased by 83.4%. – points to WEI in a report entitled: “Migration: Poland’s (for now) untapped opportunity.”

“The total number of immigrants in Poland can be estimated at about 3.5-4 million, of which 60-75 percent are Ukrainians. Especially the recent years with the war in Ukraine have brought about a significant upward trend in immigration with a simultaneous (slow) decline in emigration. From the labor market point of view, the countries of origin of migrants also include Belarus, Georgia, India and Moldova,” we read.

The Institute emphasizes that the number of work permits for foreigners in Poland is increasing, especially in professions where there is a shortage of workers in our country. At the same time, many foreigners feel that they are ‘underqualified’ working in Poland, which is largely due to the language barrier.

“Foreigners residing in Poland have an educational structure that is favorable from the perspective of the labor market – among migrants, according to pre-war estimates, about 36 percent had higher education, and among refugees and migrants from Ukraine this indicator ranges from 46 to 50 percent.” – it was written.

WEI: Poland has no migration policy

At the same time, it was noted that Poland has not developed a clear immigration policy, but that immigration is an opportunity to partially solve demographic and labor market problems.

“This requires an accurate and effective migration policy, and that policy does not currently exist. Under the guise of flexibility and the need to respond to current challenges, the government is withdrawing from working on strategic documents. Without an accurate (which does not mean rigid) migration policy, Poland will lose the battle for scarce human resources with Western and Eastern countries that are better organized in this area,” the report said.

According to WEI, Polish immigration policy should introduce a mechanism for selecting immigrants based on labor market analysis. Other necessary tools include developing education programmes, recognizing qualifications and supporting entrepreneurship among migrants.

“Polish immigration policy should not offer immigrants special privileges compared to host countries, especially in the context of social benefits. It is also crucial to strengthen procedures for the return of illegal immigrants and deepen cooperation with the countries of origin of migrants to better understand the causes of migration and develop more effective strategies for its management,” the authors of the material.

Source: Do Rzeczy