Wendrowska: Coal is our national wealth that we can always use

Coal is our basic energy source and a national natural resource that we can always use, says Ewa Wendrowska, Sovereign Poland candidate for the Sejm (constituency No. 10), in an interview with the DoRzeczy.pl portal.

DoRzeczy.pl: The President of France has announced the decarbonization of the economy by 2027. Do you think the European Union can impose similar solutions on Poland?

Ewa Wendrowska: The European Commission is constantly trying to get Poland to withdraw from the coal sector. However, I think that the recent situation regarding the war in Ukraine, but also with the pandemic, where all markets are closing and we are left to our own devices, clearly shows that we cannot give up coal. This is our basic source of energy and national natural wealth that we can always use.

In your opinion, would there be any ideas to liquidate the mine if the current opposition led by Donald Tusk came to power?

I think so. Please note that some current opposition politicians spoke in this tone. Szymon Hołownia even said that “Turów should be closed” after such a decision was taken individually by a Spanish judge of the CJEU. The opposition will listen to what the European Commission tells it. If Brussels orders the closure of Polish mines, they will do so. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that it serves German and French interests. If these people came to power, they wouldn’t even think about it and just close the mines.

As far as coal is concerned, we have a difficult situation at the Bełchatów power station. What problems arise here?

It is possible that we will not have a deposit soon, and this is a very important issue for the region and even for the whole country, because Bełchatów produces 20 percent. energy for Poland. It has already been announced that by 2030 the number of people working in this sector in Bełchatów County will decrease, as will the amount of energy produced as a result of renewable energy production. I believe that it will not replace coal, and such decisions could lead to the impoverishment of the region. That is why we must fight for the operation of the Bełchatów power plant and ensure the lignite resources necessary for its operation.

On October 4, a debate on Poland in the context of the visa scandal will take place in the European Parliament. How do you evaluate these activities?

Whatever happens, it is always bad for Brussels. Somehow the European Commission did not intervene when there were corruption problems at the highest levels of government in the EU. Everyone was quiet then, and later the suspects were released and returned to work at the EP. The EU and the EC are trying to influence the elections in Poland by all possible means.

Source: Do Rzeczy