ITV producer sets aside around 11 million euros for damages on The Voice

ITV producer sets aside around 11 million euros for damages on The Voice

British manufacturing company ITV has earmarked £9million (around £11million) to cover damage caused by the plant’s closure. the voice of the Netherlands† Costs are expected to be even higher due to legal implications.

ITV reports that a judgment has been reached in its 2021 annual report. The funds currently reserved relate, among other things, to costs already incurred plus costs deducted from the book value.

ITV emphasized that an independent investigation into the allegations has been launched and that there is no further information at this time. However, the company warns that the lawsuit could have “further financial ramifications” for the company.

According to ITV, high costs are no reason to rush the investigation. “The details are part of our accounting process and should not be interpreted in any other way,” said a spokesperson.

“Our goal remains to encourage people to stand out with all the information they have. We are doing everything we can to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and that those responsible for misconduct are identified.”

Dozens of women reported being harassed Sound

Sound It is an important program for ITV. The talent show will be broadcast in 72 countries. So-called derivative versions of the program are also produced in several countries.

The broadcasts of the Dutch talent show were halted earlier this year after people who worked for the show were accused of excessive behaviour. on Youtube BORED the abuse took place in January the voice of the Netherlands in the light. Several women shared behind-the-scenes stories of sexually offending behaviour.

In total, dozens of women told their stories about band leader Jeroen Rietbergen, coaches Ali B and Marco Borsato, and a director. When the incident came to light, Rietbergen went bankrupt. Linda de Mol’s ex-wife admitted to having relationships of a “sexual nature” with women who were involved in the program.

Source: NU