New price hikes are on the way: “+12% for electricity, +9% for natural gas” hikes

There is no good news for Italian families. According to Nomisma Energia President Davide Tabarelli, there will be new increases in our bills in the last quarter of 2023, therefore starting from October. It’s a prediction that should be pretty reliable, coming on the eve of new tariffs that Arera (the energy, networks and environment regulatory authority) will announce tomorrow.

Tabarelli observes that the electricity and gas indices “will be revised upwards and we are moving towards 27 euro cents per kWh (+12%) for electricity”; that figure was still less than half a year ago. The increase in gas will be 9 percent.

And the rumors were confirmed by Arera’s president, Stefano Besseghini, who limited himself to observing the markets. Besseghini sees “some shock in the tariffs of the protected market” that will be announced tomorrow, and then commented on the situation at the Il Sole 24 Ore Italy Energy Summit in Piazza Affari: “It will not be like last year, but the significant fluctuations we see in the markets will inevitably continue into the next quarter “It also reflects,” he said.

Objections to the termination of the protected market

Meanwhile, calls are growing to maintain the protected energy market, which is due to end for (almost) everyone in January, for at least a few months. According to Enel’s president, Nicola Lanzetta: “This process is worth taking some time to metabolise and understand”.

But it is above all the Union that fights politically for enlargement. “Following Arera, in its reports to Parliament on July 6, Enel, through its Italy director Nicola Lanzetta, also expresses doubts about the feasibility and opportunity of lifting the broader protection regime at the end of the year. Characterized by tensions and volatilities in the energy market, as well as the increase in money costs, “In an inflationary environment such as the current one, the free market risks endangering the budgets of many families and businesses. It is the duty of politicians to respond to these. There are qualified demands and therefore, as the League, we will work with the competent authorities to extend the broader protection regime.” Thus, the Union’s economic director, MP Alberto Bagnai, and MIMIT undersecretary Massimo Bitonci. In short, the debate continues, but the government is called to make a decision (soon).

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Source: Today IT