Non-compliance by twenty energy companies would result in a supply restriction

Users of twenty electricity companies, including Air-e (operator in Atlántico, Magdalena and La Guajira), could face a possible suspension of services because the companies do not meet the deadline for paying their obligations.

According to the capital’s radio station ‘Blu Radio’, the companies received an ultimatum from the wholesale market on Thursday following the failures last Tuesday, September 26, in the payment or adjustment of guarantees.

According to the report by Boyacá Energy Company, Western Colombian Public Services Company, Calarcá Multipurpose Company, Arrayanes Photovoltaic, Generator and Marketer of Generamos Energía, Genercomercial, El Cocuyo Small Hydroelectric Plant, Promoenercol, Spk La Mata, Spk La Unión, Surenergy, SVC ESP SAS ZOMAC, Energy Transactions, Trina Solar Generator Colombia-Campano and Trina Solar Generator Colombia-San Felipe.

These companies must notify themselves by Wednesday, October 18, the date on which 15 business days of non-compliance have elapsed. Otherwise, it would start a program to limit the energy supply to the users of these companies, according to ‘Blu Radio’.

In this scenario, the head of public services could intervene with companies before they make the due payments and prevent the suspension of energy supply to end users. The Air-e operator alone sells energy to more than one million users in the departments of Atlántico, Magdalena and La Guajira.

Source: El heraldo