Kredit will issue a new bond issue for 135 billion pesos

Credita productive and free investment lending company founded in Barranquilla by businessmen with extensive experience in ethe financial sectorwill again issue bonds on the Colombian stock market.

On this occasion, it will reappear with an issue of $135,000 million, with an AA+ rating ofrStandard & Poor’s.

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At its September meeting, the BRC Ratings – S&P Global Technical Committee rated the long-term debt for the new issue as AA+.

According to Valora Analitik, BRC Ratings – S&P Global in turn based its report on the financial margin of its base case, the ability of the structure to absorb credit losses, in addition to the evaluation of the sensitivity to changes in the weighted average interest rate. of the portfolio.

Based in the Superfinanciera, this new issue would go on sale to institutional and professional investors in October and will have the support of Titularice, the new securitization company.

This company, present throughout the national territory, offers a free investment loan portfolio for retirees, teachers and private sector employees. One of the objectives is financial inclusion.

The rating agency’s report highlights that Kredit meets the standards analyzed in its methodology for evaluating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

It is worth noting that the previous issue had a value of $100,000 million, which had already received an initial long-term debt rating of AA.

Source: El heraldo