Because the price of pasta is not decreasing

We wonder why pasta prices are still so high in the middle of the inflation-fighting quarter. One of the most used products in Italy continues to be more expensive than usual; This is a situation that has been going on for months and was reported by the Minister of Trade and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, in May. However, the prices of wheat, the raw material from which pasta is made, are falling. Why don’t you see prices falling in supermarkets? The answer may be found elsewhere.

Pasta costs too much: Canada’s “fault”.

Coldiretti reminds that 56 percent of pasta in Italy is made from Durum wheat produced in Italy, and its price has not increased, but also decreased by 26 percent in September compared to the same month in 2022. But we should also look elsewhere: Harvest performance in Canada, the world’s leading producer of Durum wheat, is not going as expected.

The main reason for this is drought: the latest forecasts from the Ottawa Department of Agriculture confirm a 29.9 percent decrease in production compared to 2022 due to this summer’s severe drought and partly due to fires.

During this period, the price of Canadian wheat was around 450 euros per ton, while Turkish wheat, which entered the market at 390 euros per ton, remained outside this price range. Pasta made in Italy is produced in Italy, but some foreign wheat is also required for this. As a result, the shortage in the world wheat markets is reflected in Italian pasta prices, causing increases, although it is not yet clear what will happen in the future.

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Source: Today IT