Grain export from Ukraine. The Germans take action

According to unofficial information, Germany plans to provide Ukraine with additional air defense systems to protect grain exports from this country.

According to Bloomberg sources who wished to remain anonymous, the government in Berlin will provide Kiev with an additional IRIS-T air defense system and a dozen independent Gepard anti-aircraft guns to provide cover for supplies along the southern border. coast from Ukraine to Romania on the Black Sea.

These weapons are expected to arrive in Ukraine before the end of the year. The sources did not say whether or what other options Germany could include in the new aid package for Ukraine.

German MP Markus Faber confirmed that Ukraine would receive additional IRIS-T and Gepard systems and ammunition, but did not reveal the details.

According to Bloomberg, Gepard has a range of 4 km, and IRIS-T – up to 40 km. Air defense systems can be used to protect port infrastructure, the process of loading grain onto ships and when they go to sea.

Dispute over grain from Ukraine. Poland imposes an embargo

Ukraine and Russia are the breadbaskets of the world; they supply about a third of the wheat sold around the world. The war caused transport through the Black Sea ports to collapse and trade to a virtual standstill.

The situation in the Black Sea region escalated after Russia refused to renew the grain deal that allows the safe export of grain from Ukrainian ports.

In August, the American newspaper ‘New York Times’ called the Black Sea ‘the most dangerous sea in the world’, because the current tensions in this area pose a risk of a possible confrontation between Russia and NATO.

September 15 this year The European Commission has decided not to extend the embargo on Ukrainian grain and agricultural products. In response, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia introduced unilateral restrictions. The authorities in Kiev responded by filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against these three countries.

Source: Do Rzeczy