Anif notes a clear moderation in domestic demand

Anif notes a clear moderation in domestic demand

The energy basket leads again annual variationdriven by the price of the fuels; However, by September the economy is consolidating its downward trend. Likewise, the decline in core inflation (less energy and food), which is in single digits for the first time since January, could be evidence of the moderation of domestic demand,” he emphasized in his ANIF report.

And he added that “both monthly and annual results were in line with analyst expectations, which could reflect more predictable inflation behavior that reduces volatility in the markets.”

About the consequences of the cost of living households with the lowest income and the highest incomeANIF indicated that the regressive effect of inflation has reduced and the gap between poor and high incomes is narrowing.

“For September 2023, the monthly result indicates that inflation has occurred the same effect on low-income households and high-income households (0.53%). However, in the annual result, high-income households were more affected by the price increase, which was related to the increase in education and fuel prices.”

Source: El heraldo