The continued year of increase in gasoline prices is keeping users in check

Gasoline used to work, but not anymore. “I put $10,000 in in the morning and after a while I have to put $10,000 more in.” This is how he put it Ricardo Delgadomotorcycle user Barranquillawho assured that his purchasing power has deteriorated in a year due to the increase in the price of regular gasoline in the country.

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“The government needs to make changes to the way university graduates are delivered.” petrol“This system of increases has not worked. On the contrary, my expenses have increased and if these increases continue, I see my economy at risk at a worrying level,” Delgado told EL HERALDO.

And how could it not, when it has already been a year since the price of a gallon has gradually increased regular gasolinea situation that has caused much controversy among users, unions and transport unions in Barranquilla and Colombia.

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Has the same uncertainty Juan Andres Ortegaowner of a private vehicle Barranquillaas he confessed that these increases have hit him hard.

“The increase in gasoline consumption has had so much influence on me that I even saw pain in it economic. What we do on a daily basis is now no longer so reflected in what we take home to support the family,” Ortega said.

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Source: El heraldo