07:36 Seizure of assets of billionaire Abramovich for 6.5 billion euros

A court on the island of Jersey has seized the assets of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich for £5.4 billion. The former owner of the London football club Chelsea is in fact on the British sanctions list for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It is not known exactly what these entities are. However, the court reports that these are assets registered on Channel Island or owned by companies registered on the island.

According to this BBC news Camberley International Investments, which lent money to Fordstam, was also seized. Through this company, Abramovic owned Chelsea. Due to the war in Ukraine, the billionaire was no longer able to own the club. He wanted to sell Chelsea, but this process was blocked by the British authorities.

Germany and Fiji also seized yachts

In Germany, the authorities took action against the oligarchs. Thus we learn that Dilbar, one of the largest yachts in the world, with a length of 156 meters, has been seized in Hamburg.

We already knew the yacht was chained up. Authorities are now confirming that the company is owned by billionaire Alisher Usmanov, but with the complicated construction of all kinds of companies, it was finally created in the name of Usmanov’s sister. He is also on the sanctions list.

The government of the island of Fiji also seized a luxury yacht this week. The 106-meter-long Amadea ship, owned by Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov, has a value of 325 million dollars (298 million euros).

There are many billionaires on western sanctions lists

Abramovich, Usmanov and Kerimov are three of the many billionaires who have been placed on sanctions lists by Western countries since the Russian invasion. A large number of assets belonging to billionaires close to Russian President Vladimir Putin have been seized around the world.

In the Netherlands, for example, assets were frozen and transactions blocked.

Source: NU