What awaits us after the elections?

If politicians are going to implement what they promised before the elections, employers will have to make sacrifices, entrepreneurs will have to close their companies and citizens will have to seek their fortune in emigration more often.

Everything always looks better before the elections. Promises are increasing, fuel is becoming cheaper (although it may not be available), local governments are receiving special subsidies, both for roads and schools, and most of the parties that want to replace those currently in power are blinding the voters with the assurance that what the citizens have already received will be. They certainly won’t take it away, but on the contrary, they will add it.

Things often get much worse after an election. Today we can more or less predict what might happen next year in the economy and finance. We must not forget that this will also be an election year. First we will have postponed the local elections, and then, in June, the European Parliament elections.

The first predictions could be made based on election promises and adding up their costs, but this is a risky game, because the fulfillment of promises sometimes varies. Unless we look at the decisions that have already taken the form of specific decisions. This is mainly an announcement that the minimum wage will be increased twice in 2024.

Source: Do Rzeczy